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March Madness [Road Warriors]

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There was a time when Time Inc. was flush and when their marquee magazines had baby magazines. And so I was hired as a reporter for Sports Illustrated’s college weekly, SI On Campus. It was an adjustment. My first full-time job … Continue reading


High Anxiety [Amateur Hour]

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Ten minutes after we began the ascent into the mountains of Colorado, I started getting a wicked altitude headache: a strong, sharp pain that felt like a bad hangover. Jordy – who was tall and handsome and athletic and had … Continue reading


Shangri-Hah! [Hall of Infamy]

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Here’s another classic narcotouristic misadventure by our friend Kevin Fedarko, in which he travels to a remote hell-hole in the Indian Himalayas called Malana renowned for its potent local vegetation and “good vibes”. Enjoy! — CDB During any extended rainstorm … Continue reading


Chariot of Fire [Burning Sensations]

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I, a fat man, had been circling Portland, Maine’s Back Cove like a dog prepping its bed for most of the summer of 2007. Now intimately acquainted with every pothole, washout and linden tree on the route, I finally turned … Continue reading


13 Epics of Woe [Hall of Infamy]

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A friend from Outside Magazine, Senior Editor Jeremy Spencer, reminded us of this excellent collection of misadventures he edited four years ago. Featuring the likes of Jane Smiley and Jon Lee Anderson, it’s a ghoulish gallery of murderous hitchhikers, lightning strikes, … Continue reading