Reel Trouble [Con Phishing]

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It was a fine day for fly-fishing on the Big Wood River in Ketchum, Idaho last July. However, in calf-deep water, I slipped and completely lost my rod and reel. Gone. Disappeared. I’m in the outdoor industry and the gear was free, but still, how often can I get another free rod and reel? Which is why I spent an hour looking for it, came back the next day, and returned home dejected.

My lost & found ad on Craigslist reeled in a scammer. He wanted payment by Western Union, which was a definite tip-off to the rip-off. He might as well have been calling from Nigeria.  I didn’t fall for his trick. Meanwhile,  my Sun Valley buddy Mike bought a mask and snorkel and found the gear in a tree wheel that I would never have been able to reach otherwise.

So not only did I retrieve my rod and reel, but I got to expose the scammer. Give a listen:

—Jeff Blumenfeld


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