Next Stop For Charlie [Tuning In]

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Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

From the makers of Last Stop for Paul comes a new tale—actually, a whole series of made-up tales on Showtime—about what it’s like to go off the rails completely in search of something important while traveling. In the case of Last Stop for Paul, it was a twisted version of serenity, as main characters ‘Charlie’ and ‘Cliff’ (played by director/star Neil Mandt and Cinematographer Marc Carter) careened around the world dispersing the ashes of Paul, a beloved friend, trying out various extreme vacation options and getting in all sorts of scrapes along the way. With no other working cast, crew, or script, it’s a wonder the film was ever made at all (a modus operandi we can relate to). Picking up where the made-on-a-shoestring indie film left off, Next Stop for Charlie heads to Colombia, Belgium, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Brazil and Turkey to name just a few, and the results are by turns hilarious, cringe-inducing, and more-than-a-bit naughty.

Next Stop for Charlie premiers Thursday November 4 at 11 pm on Showtime, airing for the next ten consecutive Thursdays. The cast and crew (3 this time!) made it to 14 countries in less than 5 months, with local volunteers filling in the other roles—which we can imagine led to all sorts of misadventures, too. —CDB

WATCH NOW: Next Stop for Charlie  - Trailer


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