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F***ing Untranslatable Beauty [Happy Hellidays]

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“So, this is camping… It wouldn’t be so bad if we could just go inside, but apparently, nature is just “too cool” for that.” So begins Suzy Barrett‘s latest hilarious NSFW (for extremely foul language) tromp through too-perfect California… Along … Continue reading


Christmas In Helladise [Water Water Everywhere]

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Being the selfless, caring person that I am, I generously give up my seat to an elderly man. My behavior is encouraged by the fact that it’s Christmas Eve and I’m waiting for a ferry that will take me to my home island … Continue reading


Time to Beer Travel [contests]

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The Accidental Extremist loves beer — much of the time it’s the only safe thing to drink! In fact we love it so much that we teamed up with Beer West magazine for a contest you can really drink to. Send … Continue reading