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The Dixon Exit [Mother Nature Wins Again]
Wednesday February 11th 2009, 2:59 pm
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Paddling is dreamy.

Paddling is dreamy.

I was floating somewhere off the northernmost coast of British Columbia when my 17 foot sea-kayak was overtaken by a friendly gang of Canadian charter fisherman.

“Looks like you been on quite a trip, eh?” the apparent leader said, studying my loaded-down vessel while toasting me with a can of Lucky beer.
“I’m paddling to Alaska,” I told him.
It had been almost thirty days since I’d left Seattle, and based on my charts, the symbolic end-point of my trip—the U.S.-Canada border—was just a short paddle away. If the weather held and the wind stayed down, I’d spend the late evening crossing the 50 mile wide Dixon Entrance, an international waterway known among sea captains and commercial fisherman as Southeast Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle. I’d heard numerous stories of 20 foot rogue waves swallowing 50 foot fishing trawlers. If I survived this crux crossing, I was sure to emerge a different grade of man.
“Whoa, hey!” the fisherman said. “I never heard of anyone crossing the Dixon Entrance in a little boat like that!”
“I’m not worried about it,” I said. “I’m pretty comfortable in this thing.”



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