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Thursday June 04th 2009, 10:45 am
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Come and be one with Mother Earth!

Come and be one with Mother Earth!

Here’s the story I read at The Accidental Extremist Launch Party and Reading on May 21. Enjoy — CDB

             In 1996 I was headed for Scotland from London on a bullet train flying through the forest. Wind and leaves whorled around the cars hurtling toward the highlands, but no amount of drizzle could dampen my spirits. I was going to meet a girl I’d never met from my same scholarship program, named Beth, who was studying fiddle music—and I was ready for a break from dreary London.

           When I’d spoken to Beth a few days before she’d asked me: would I mind doing something a bit unusual on day one? There was some party, in some cave, and would I come? That sounded like a perfectly normal thing to do with strangers I’d never met, so I agreed. 



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