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Romance on the Russian [Love on the Road, Love on the Rocks]
Thursday February 12th 2009, 1:48 pm
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There better be beer in that cooler buster. 


There better be beer in that cooler, buster.


Here’s the first of many (we hope) posts on romantic mishaps on the road from a well-spoken gentleman, if a hapless navigator. — CDB

“We should probably secure the cooler in the canoe with those bungy cords,” said the woman who would become my wife.

“We never did when I ran this river every week of the summer,” I pointed out, in a manner that only hinted at condescension as we prepared for a quiet floating picnic. 

She was blonde, fit and ravishing, this woman.  And also a veteran of multi-day canoe expeditions in the Boundary Waters of Canada and Minnesota.  But what did she know?  I, after all, was a veteran of Thunderbird Ranch Summer Camp, hard by the Russian River.  In fact, I was a boy’s counselor at the Ranch, and had run the tepid riffles of the Russian so many times throughout the 80s that I knew it like the back of my hand.   



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