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The Waves Up North [Amateur Hour]
Monday February 09th 2009, 5:26 pm
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Canadian surfing. It’s right up there with Haitian curling or Saharan mud wrestling—the kind of absurdity that I’d dismiss immediately if it weren’t for all the damn rumors. For the past few years, it seemed like every campfire I’d sat around rippled with tales of a booming surf scene on the west coast of Vancouver Island, of California-style taco stands set up on rocky beaches and camps of itinerant wavehunters praying for big swells lurching down the Aleutians.
Eventually rumors, no matter how absurd, get to you. Certainty yields to doubt, which cedes to an insatiable need to see for yourself. And that’s how you land in Tofino, on a beach, struggling into a wetsuit and hot pink rashguard before a one-day longboard lesson with Surf Sister, one of five operations in town. It had been a long drive to get here, three hours from Vancouver on roads that could test a Buddhist monk, but I’d made it. Absurd or not, I was preparing to surf. (more…)


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