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The Death Grin [Surgical Tourism]

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The dentist grinned at me. He was missing teeth. Several teeth. He stood in front of a small, sturdy building in a dusty town in southwestern China, sharpening some kind of crude metal tools on a stone wheel. Like his … Continue reading


Over The Edge [The Abyss]

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I never thought I had a death wish, but one experience on my recent travels had me reconsidering. I’d been traveling around South-East Asia by myself on a break from my studies to see the world. One day I decided … Continue reading


Twin Beds and Thin Walls [Love on the Road, Love on the Rocks]

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Here, excerpts from an entertaining piece by writer Rob Story which recounts his action-packed honeymoon throughout Asia—and some of its more memorable catastrophes. —CDB We’re a funny couple to watch. She, all of five feet and 99 pounds, blithely swings … Continue reading