An Unconventional Card Game Revolving Around Relationships

The unique card game of Broken Hearts revolves around what a lot consider the most commonly faced misadventure that most adults face — relationships and affairs of the heart.

The idea for the game came about after one of its founders faced a devastating breakup, and it was only after some time that she was able to share her story with two friends at work — both of whom eventually went on to become co-founders.

Broken Hearts

Working as a community manager at a co-working space, the topic of relationships inevitably came up and it was at this time that she mentioned her breakup. Also, this was the point that they decided to embark on a meaningful journey instead of keeping in the hurt.

And to the team, the meaningful something that they were looking for came in the form of Broken Hearts, a way to spread love to the world. The team settled on making a card game since it was more portable and easy-to-carry. And armed with the intent to get players to stop hiding their true feelings and emotions, Broken Hearts was born.

The name of the card game itself serves as a nod to everyone who has had their hearts broken (hence, the name) by partners, friends, and even family — with the hope that the game will be able to help players overcome this heartbreak and fall in love with life again.

The trio of co-founders embarked on a journey to launch the card game — using Kickstarter as their platform of choice to gather fundings — which started with ideation since 2017 and the first iteration of the game was only produced in early to mid-2018.

As for the challenges faced by the Broken Hearts team, there is always an underlying worry that the game will not be as readily accepted by players as it revolves around the subject of relationships, a topic that most people want to avoid.

Case in point, Singaporeans and Asians in general aren’t the most expressive lot. And during the play-test period, the testers found it awkward to blow kisses at each other (an action that one of their cards dictate). Still, the team hopes that players will give Broken Hearts a chance. 

Furthermore, some other card types in the game are “The Heart Sign”, “The Pinky Promise”, “The Blow Kiss”, “The Flirty Wink”, and “The ET Touch” — all of which correlate to physical interactions that they hope to spread positivity and expressions of love among the players.

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