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Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Rocket League

Who would have thought that an online multiplayer game meshing the adrenaline-inducing fun of rocket-strapped sports cars with the rush of a soccer game would produce such a quirky yet fun game?

The team at Psyonix certainly think so, with Rocket League providing ample fun and excitement for such a foreign gaming concept.

Rocket League

The magic of Rocket League lies with its blend of accessibility and mastery. The game is instantly fun and easy to pick up and play without ever feeling overmatched or bewildered. Though, more advanced techniques would require you to contribute more time and effort to master. 

The game’s reality-bending physics certainly isn’t for everyone, but the developers have definitely hit a sweet spot for many fans. And the reward system in Rocket League is unselfish, helping to prevent multiplayer matches from becoming a pile of metal, steel, and rubber above the ball.  

To surmise, fast, chaotic, and almost impossible to put down is what we’d describe Rocket League as. Or in other words, it is a game of soccer played by a legion of rocket-powered cars.

Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Celeste

Platformers and difficult puzzle games are oftentimes a welcome addition to any true gamer’s gaming catalogue. Indeed, unlocking a difficult puzzle or mastering a trick in the game or finally beating a tough boss makes for a satisfying feeling overall — especially after failing many times before. 

And at its core, Celeste understands this feeling of triumph.


Celeste is a side-scrolling puzzle adventuring platformer game wherein you lead a pixelated heroine on a journey through a treacherous mountain while attempting to overcome increasingly difficult levels.  

But difficult and near-masochistic platforming isn’t all Celeste has to offer. The game also offers insight into battling depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and other challenges from the eyes of the protagonist.

If it sounds like a difficult time, you’re certainly right. 

Paralleling the oft challenging levels with the progress and setbacks of the female protagonist’s quest for personal growth is clever. And Celeste does not make this journey easy in the slightest. The levels are tricky and unforgiving (almost to an evil level), yet never unfair. The game controls well and the respawns (there will be plenty) are almost instantaneous. 

Though one of the best parts about the game is that it features an absolute banger of a chiptune soundtrack — filled with catchy tunes that pair exceedingly well with the thread of Celeste’s story. 

MEGPlay — Mobile Gaming Community

MEGPlay is a gaming platform aiming to be the platform of choice for mobile gamers in the Southeast Asia region to connect with each other. It is a wondrous platform which promises a tight-knit community, exciting gaming-related news, and plenty of events.

But its most vital role by far is to function as a platform for like-minded mobile gaming enthusiasts to touch base with one another. 

A Platform For Mobile Gamers

Mobile gaming certainly has come a long way since the introduction of smartphones in our everyday lives and we carry our smartphones around everywhere we go today. We basically cannot fathom a life without our smart devices and because of this, mobile gaming has unsurprisingly become more accessible than ever before.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that the development of the mobile gaming market has skyrocketed recently with various high-end mobile gaming titles, idle-type games, and AR-related titles at the forefront of the mobile gaming industry. Finally, gone are the days of dominance of PCs/consoles/mobile consoles on the gaming market — these days, the mobile gaming niche is as profitable a market as any other.

Now, where does MEGPlay fit into this highly profitable puzzle? The answer is simple — communication and connection.

Unlike its industry peers, mobile gaming has had a long-standing problem of lacking an appropriate platform to connect players. Most players would resort to unofficial forums and social media platforms like Facebook to find new people to play with. Others leave everything up to the game’s matchmaking algorithm to match them with a teammate. But if you’re a connoisseur in team-based mobile games, you’d be aware that this isn’t always the ideal scenario.

This is where MEGPlay comes in.

Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Batman Arkham Knight

Who doesn’t love the classic superhero trope of billionaire businessman by day, vengeful vigilante by night? We’re of course referring to the universally known Batman here. 

This entry in the ever-popular Arkham series games sees the player taking on the mantle of the Dark Knight in order to once again take to the streets of Gotham city — eradicating crime one villain at a time. 

Batman: Arkham Knight

The fourth main installment in the Arkham franchise gives players the chance to cruise the streets of Gotham once more, whipping through them as you rev the powerful engine of your Batmobile — an inexplicably joyous experience in its own right.  

But the game goes beyond just the joy rides and all the punching and throwing, it positions Batman as a crime solver — something that has been lost over time, when in fact, the character is foremost a detective than a fighter. To that end, as the Batman in Arkham Knight, you’ll be able to rewind crime scenes or find clues to help investigations. 

Plus, the fact that Batman: Arkham Knight is a full-fledged open-world game with tons of side missions make it one of the most entertaining time sinks amongst the myriad of gaming titles the previous generation has to offer.

An Unconventional Card Game Revolving Around Relationships

The unique card game of Broken Hearts revolves around what a lot consider the most commonly faced misadventure that most adults face — relationships and affairs of the heart.

The idea for the game came about after one of its founders faced a devastating breakup, and it was only after some time that she was able to share her story with two friends at work — both of whom eventually went on to become co-founders.

Broken Hearts

Working as a community manager at a co-working space, the topic of relationships inevitably came up and it was at this time that she mentioned her breakup. Also, this was the point that they decided to embark on a meaningful journey instead of keeping in the hurt.

And to the team, the meaningful something that they were looking for came in the form of Broken Hearts, a way to spread love to the world. The team settled on making a card game since it was more portable and easy-to-carry. And armed with the intent to get players to stop hiding their true feelings and emotions, Broken Hearts was born.

The name of the card game itself serves as a nod to everyone who has had their hearts broken (hence, the name) by partners, friends, and even family — with the hope that the game will be able to help players overcome this heartbreak and fall in love with life again.

The trio of co-founders embarked on a journey to launch the card game — using Kickstarter as their platform of choice to gather fundings — which started with ideation since 2017 and the first iteration of the game was only produced in early to mid-2018.

As for the challenges faced by the Broken Hearts team, there is always an underlying worry that the game will not be as readily accepted by players as it revolves around the subject of relationships, a topic that most people want to avoid.

Case in point, Singaporeans and Asians in general aren’t the most expressive lot. And during the play-test period, the testers found it awkward to blow kisses at each other (an action that one of their cards dictate). Still, the team hopes that players will give Broken Hearts a chance. 

Furthermore, some other card types in the game are “The Heart Sign”, “The Pinky Promise”, “The Blow Kiss”, “The Flirty Wink”, and “The ET Touch” — all of which correlate to physical interactions that they hope to spread positivity and expressions of love among the players.

Highway Kings

Scour The Great Open Road On Mega888’S Highway Kings

Coming straight out of a premise of an open road movie, the 5-reel, 9-payline video slot Highway Kings offers a detour into entertainment highway (pun intended).

If you’re ready to hit the road and win some cash while you’re at it, Highway Kings is a great place (or rather, slot) to start as the highest potential earnings that you may get in the game is 10,000 credits. 

The great open road-themed online casino slot is most notable by its simple cartoony graphics which also entails a lack of playing card symbols. In this case, it is indeed a refreshing take to exclude the latter. Other than that, there are scatter and wilds to look out for, wherein scoring either will afford you the chance to massively multiply your earnings.

Ready to get behind the wheel and get on the road? Read on to find out more.

The Open Road In Mega888’s Highway Kings

At a glance, there’s quite the retro feel to Highway Kings — the graphics are vibrant, bright, and colourful. The in-game symbols are also simple and straightforward, but most importantly, they stick closely to the theme of the slot. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the symbols available in Highway Kings in the following section. 

Before we begin, all you have to know is that the trucks represent the main symbols in the game, though a combination of the other symbols is also equally lucrative. 

As far as wagers go, the coin or credit sizes range from 0.01 to 5 — meaning the maximum bet that you may make per spin is 45. Here, the theoretical RTP is set at a whopping 97.06% which makes Highway Kings one of the most rewarding slot games on Mega888.

Hitting The Highway On Mega888 With Style

In Highway Kings, there are 11 symbols that you should take note of — each representing a different pay value. The symbols in Highway Kings include steering wheels, tyres, bolts, a pair of dice, gas pumps, petrol cans, jump leads, and of course, the multi-coloured (red, green, yellow) trucks.

Of the lot, the iconic red truck is the most rewarding as it pays out two credits if you manage to land just one of it on the reels. Whereas, others would require you to line up specific combinations, depending on the type of symbol in question. Otherwise, some other higher-paying icons will also award payouts for just two matching combinations.

More specifically, both the steering wheel and tyre are the game’s lowest-valued symbols at a mere 10 credits awarded for four matching icons and 50 for five. But don’t let that get you down for on the opposite end of the spectrum you have the three different coloured truck symbols. 

At the lowest value, the green truck pays five for two matching symbols, 20 for three, 150 for four, and a massive 1,000 credits for a full lineup of green trucks. Even better is the yellow truck which offers five credits for a matching pair, 25 credits for three, 250 for four matching symbols, and a humongous 5,000 reward for five matching icons.

Last but not least is the red truck which pays out two credits for one symbol appearing, 10 for a pair of matching trucks, 50 for three, 500 for four, and an absolutely mammoth reward of 10,000 credits (Highway Kings largest payout) for scoring all five matching red trucks. 

But being the most rewarding icon in the game isn’t the only role the red truck plays. On the contrary, the red truck also acts as the wild symbol for Highway Kings. It may also be used to substitute any symbol that you may need to form paylines. Better yet, the presence of the wild will effectively double any win in a combo that it forms. 

Finally, we’ve come to the exhaust pipe with the word “Scatter” written on it. As you would have surmised, the exhaust pipe is the game’s scatter symbol. If you land two to five of these pipes, you win. Simple as that. 

Mega888’s Exclusive Highway Kings Isn’t Just A One-Trick-Pony

Apart from the slots themselves, Highway Kings also features a lotto-type progressive side game where you may earn big rewards. Simply pick five numbers out of a lot of 49, and wait for the numbers to be drawn once the game starts. The more numbers you match, the more you win. And if you’re fortunate enough to hit all five numbers, the jackpot is yours!

Best Betting Strategy For Roulette

Best Betting Strategy For Roulette

Roulette is a popular mainstay in most casinos the world over, and more can be more recently found in a lot of online casinos on the Internet. 

If you didn’t already know, the classic European-originated table betting game involves a spinning wheel and a small ball, as well as a table of betting options ranging from numbers to colours to even/odds. The dealer then spins the wheel and flicks the ball on to the wheel, and wherever the ball lands will be the result of that particular round of betting.

And although much of the game involves luck and prediction, there are actually several things that you may do to increase your chances of winning when it comes to playing roulette. 

So how do you win in roulette? Furthermore, what is the best roulette strategy to ensure your success in the tables? This piece aims to shed light on the various facets of the seemingly simple yet intricate game of roulette. 

How To Win In Roulette

Without further ado, here are some of the best ways to come out on top when it comes to playing the gentlemanly game of roulette.

The Martingale Roulette Betting Strategy

This is by far one of the most popular and well-known roulette strategies out there. 

The Martingale betting strategy plays off the fact that you will eventually win when playing in a casino, regardless if it’s an online casino or a physical one. 

This betting system is easily expressed in the form of this phrase, “I have to win sooner or later, right?” — a dangerous statement to those who do not have self-restraint, but a legit strategy in any other case. 

The Martingale betting strategy is simple enough: Each time you lose a bet, double it the next round. This should eventually lead to a payout that is significant enough for you to at least break even. 

Here’s an example: If a player bets $10 and loses, he/she now bets $20 and if it turns out to be a winning bet, the player has recouped their original $10 loss. But do not make the mistake of thinking that your next big win is just around the corner as you may easily go on a long string of losses as well. 

In the above scenario, if the $20 bet loses, the player will double that to $40. If that bet loses again, they’ll go up to $80 and so on and so forth. In short, the exponential growth of your bets might be unmanageable quite quickly if you do not win a game within a few spins.

But if you do insist on adopting this roulette strategy, the best thing for you to do is to find a table which allows a low minimum bet. In addition, make sure the table’s maximum bet is large enough for the amount you want to start with to be equitable in the long term.

The Grand Martingale Roulette Betting Strategy

Working on the same principle as the standard Martingale betting strategy, the grand version operates on a bigger scale — as in, a bigger bet if you happen to lose each round.

In the Grand Martingale betting strategy, each time you lose a hand, double the next bet plus an extra amount equal to your original stake. Taking the abovementioned bet as an example, if you happen to lose a $10 bet, then using the Grand Martingale strategy you should bet $30 on the next spin. 

This roulette betting strategy is perfect for those who have a cushy bankroll to spend. It can be quite profitable in relatively quick fashion, meaning you may walk away with a huge windfall with just a few wins. On the other hand, if you get stuck in the unfortunate scenario of losing, you must be able to weather the storm until you start winning again if you hope to come out with a profit.

The James Bond Roulette Betting Strategy

This is another betting strategy best suited for beginners. The James Bond betting strategy follows a combination of bets which gives you the best odds of winning in roulette. It should also be noted that this strategy works best when used over a short period of (betting) time.

For each round, you will need to play by multiples of $200. Utilising this betting strategy, a player will only bet on three options. First, place a bet for $140 on a number in between 19 to 36. The second bet will be $50 on a number from 13 to 18. Lastly, the final bet is $10 on a single zero.

This strategy works for most in that it essentially guarantees a win almost ⅔ of the time. And you’ll only lose if the ball drops on a number between 1 and 12 — which accounts for a ⅓ losing chance.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

For players who are not inclined to doubling their bets often, the Fibonacci roulette betting strategy is an excellent alternative. This strategy offers a significantly lower risk of losing massively as compared to the other options — perfect for the conservative player. 

The strategy is based on the famous Fibonacci numbers which entail a sequence of numbers that is the sum of the two numbers before it. For instance, the Fibonacci number sequence will look like this:

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

It is important to note that you should focus on betting only on even numbers only when you adopt this betting system. These bets will have a 50% chance of winning each round.

Start with the smallest bet possible. If you lose the first bet, increase the count by one. If you continue to lose again, increase the stake by two, and so on. However, once you win a hand, you move down two places in the sequence and go from there. And if you do manage to break even, restart the sequence.

As an example, a string of roulette rounds could possibly look like this:

Round no.Stake ($)WinLoseNet Result ($)

In this particular example, after 10 spins the player has only lost $1 even after hitting a staggering seven-round losing streak. In part due to the negative progression format, the winning $13 has wiped out most of the losses in a single round.

Bonus Bears

The Adorable Bonus Bear Slots On Mega888

Winnie The Pooh. Paddington Bear. Kumamon. Yogi. Ted.

These are among some of the most well-known (and adorable) bear characters to have been featured in the media. Okay, so Ted may not be THAT cute (rather than that, he’s crude) but the point stands. 

Without a doubt, bears can be cute, especially when they’re in the form of an animated character, a film character, or in the form of a plush — anything other than the real-life animal coming at you in the wild.

Now you may enjoy the adorable fiasco of bears in the form of an online slot game entitled Bonus Bears. If you love the fluffy animal beary, beary much, then this is the game for you. 

About Bonus Bears — One Of The Cutest Slot Titles In Existence

At the heart of it all, Bonus Bears is a 5-reel game with 25 paylines which has adopted the wildlife theme magnificently. Developed by popular online gaming software developer Playtech, the increasingly well-received game is now available on Mega888 in Malaysia.

The slot game revolves around the simple life of a bear living in the wilderness. Bonus Bears features various rewarding symbols including a grizzly bear (of course), a female park ranger, a picnic basket, a honey bee, jars of honey, a beehive, and a skunk. That’s where the wilderness theme stops though, as the other symbols in the game also include card suites in the form of A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9.

Setting aside the colours, fonts, and vibrant graphics, Bonus Bears is quite the appealing slot game solely for the fact that the interface is easy to use. The Spin and Auto Play feature proves exactly that.

Playing Bonus Bears On Mega888

Like most other slot titles, Bonus Bears has a minimum bet of 0.01 credits and a maximum of 0.50 per credit. And while it may sound like a slog for the high-rollers to spend huge amounts of money on, the max bet a player may make in the game could amount to at least $125 if they were to bet on all 25 paylines.

The gameplay of Bonus Bears is simple and the animations are fairly impressive, which makes this one a must-try in our books. And if you’re fortunate enough, you could take home 5,000 coins worth of the jackpot from the game!

Bonus Features Of Bonus Bears

Not only is Bonus Bears a simple yet addictive game, but it’s also rewarding to boot!

The game comes with several beneficial bonus features including free spins and massive multipliers. Bonus Bears also come with wilds which are represented by the bear symbol itself. The bear symbol may be used to replace any other symbols in the game, with the exception of the beehive. Similarly, the beehive acts as the scatter symbol which triggers the multiplier, as well as the Honey and free games feature.

Speaking of honey, the Honey feature is a bonus round which allows players to win free credits easily. The feature is triggered when you score at least three beehives anywhere on the reels. The objective of the bonus round is then to find as many honey pots as possible. This can be achieved by choosing one of the five trees for which the bear will climb up the chosen one. The more pots that the bear finds, the more free credits you get. It’s literally as simple as that. And the Honey feature may even be triggered during the free spins.

As for the free games, the feature is triggered when the wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 after a round of spinning. Free games can be earned (up to 15 free games) by triggering and retriggering this feature. The best part about the free games rounds is that wins are 3x your bet. Talk about an attractive reward!

The Benefits Of Gaming

Like any other hobby, gaming has its fair share of doubters and supporters. In general, the gaming scene has been receiving flak from its opposition for years, in addition to being the scapegoat for real-world problems that have nothing to do with it such as instilling violent tendencies in children or damaging your eyes and rotting your brain.

Unsubstantiated myths, really. Gaming is merely an activity to pass the time, as similar to any other hobby. 

These days, the art of gaming has gained universal acceptance throughout the modern generation (though, naysayers are still there). In fact, the e-sports scene is now a big industry in its own right — that’s right, you can be an athlete by playing games. 

What a time we live in, eh?

Modern Day Gaming — Breeding Next Gen Athletes?

That said, here are the benefits of taking up gaming as a pastime. 

  • It Improves Your Eyesight: The key is moderation. Video games have been shown to improve (colour) vision. Along with that, gaming also trains you to have keener eyesight.
  • Build Your Social Skills: A lot of games today have a social aspect to their gameplay, which involves a lot of co-op features and challenges. You will need to flex your social muscles if you want to succeed here.
  • Improves Decision-Making: Gaming actually improves your mind by effectively retaining its sharpness and clarity — which result in faster real-world decision-making skills.
  • Reduce Mental Health Risks: Gaming also reduces the risk of depression, along with arthritis. And it can even be a therapeutic option for aphasia. Plus, gaming at the root of it, does make you happy overall.
  • You Can Make A Career Out of It: The gaming industry is thriving, which means career opportunities are aplenty. Game developer/tester, professional e-sports player, gaming journalist, gaming streamer, and so on are just some of the options available if you are keen on gaming as a career option.

Golden Tour

Mingle Among Elite Golfers In Mega888’s Golden Tour Slot

Ready to be the next golfing maestro a la Tiger Woods? Participate in a world-class golf tournament without having to get out of the comfort of your abode with the Mega888 slot title, Golden Tour.

Developed by Playtech and available on the ever-popular Mega888 platform, Golden Tour is a video slot which is placed in the premise of a golf tournament setting. This indeed makes for some rather original gameplay, without taking into account that there are plenty of winning possibilities in the game regardless of your degree of familiarity with the sport.

Curious and wanting to join in on the fun? Download Mega888 and strap yourselves in and get ready to win big!

A Mega888 World-Class Golf Tournament

When it comes to renowned slot games, this Mega888 offering doesn’t exactly fit the mould. Instead, the slot comes off as rather low-key, especially when it comes to its graphics and in-game environment. Don’t expect some mind-blowing animations here, as the game is as simple and straightforward as it gets. 

As such, the exclusive Mega888 slot title does look a lot like a typical screen from a golf game — with gently rolling hills and a few idle players focusing on the game in the background. And while the graphics are quite basic, they’ll certainly do the trick if you’re only looking for a simple golf-themed game.

But that’s where the plainness of the game ends, as the myriad of prizes will entice golfing fans and non-fans alike to play.

Aim For The Hole-In-One Here In This Mega888 Slot Game

At the heart of it all, this Mega888 slot is a simple game which applies the most basic rules that many different slot games share. Subsequently, it won’t be too hard to get the hang of things after you first touch the screen.

Mega888’s Golden Tour is a 5-reel, 5-payline slot, for which your goal is to ensure that the winning symbols land accurately on these paylines to trigger a bigger cash payout. 

And speaking of huge payouts, betting more on the reels will obviously lead to a larger cash prize down the line — the bet max button is a feature that comes to mind when you get the urge to go all-in on your next spin. And if you’re planning to aim for the largest prize, don’t hesitate to activate the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot to get a chance to land on this ever-increasing prize pool at any given moment during your game.

Get Your Golfing Gear Ready To Conquer This Slot On Mega888

Unsurprisingly, Golden Tour is centred around everything golf-related, with plenty of symbols and icons to choose from to create a multitude of winning combinations across the reels.

Here, the most common icons are gold shoes, cup, flags, clubs, and the golf cart. To win, you’ll have to line up at least 2 identical symbols which will award you with 5 to 250 coins, depending on the symbol.  

For something more rewarding, shoot for the red and blue gold balls. They’re more elusive and rare but also much more valuable compared to the common symbols. If you’re fortunate enough to land on them, you’ll be rewarded with 500 to 1,000 coins. 

On top of all of this, there are also more ways to win big here. Look no further than the unique symbols found in the game — of which there are two: the wild and scatter symbols.

  • Golden Ball: Acting as a wild card in this game, this symbol can be used to replace any other golf ball symbols. Best of all, you may even use the wild to create a lineup of winning combinations worth up to 2,000 coins!
  • Gopher: Scoring 3 of this scatter symbol will trigger a bonus game wherein you may put your golfing skills to the test. Aim carefully and hit the golf ball, your bonus cash reward depends on it.
  • Duck: Similarly, getting 3 of this scatter symbol will also trigger the aforementioned bonus game.
  • Fish: The last of the game’s scatter symbol, the icon offers similar rewards and bonus game rounds as the other 2 scatter symbols. 

Furthermore, in this Mega888 game, you will also gain a win multiplier depending on the number of scatters found.