Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Celeste

Platformers and difficult puzzle games are oftentimes a welcome addition to any true gamer’s gaming catalogue. Indeed, unlocking a difficult puzzle or mastering a trick in the game or finally beating a tough boss makes for a satisfying feeling overall — especially after failing many times before. 

And at its core, Celeste understands this feeling of triumph.


Celeste is a side-scrolling puzzle adventuring platformer game wherein you lead a pixelated heroine on a journey through a treacherous mountain while attempting to overcome increasingly difficult levels.  

But difficult and near-masochistic platforming isn’t all Celeste has to offer. The game also offers insight into battling depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and other challenges from the eyes of the protagonist.

If it sounds like a difficult time, you’re certainly right. 

Paralleling the oft challenging levels with the progress and setbacks of the female protagonist’s quest for personal growth is clever. And Celeste does not make this journey easy in the slightest. The levels are tricky and unforgiving (almost to an evil level), yet never unfair. The game controls well and the respawns (there will be plenty) are almost instantaneous. 

Though one of the best parts about the game is that it features an absolute banger of a chiptune soundtrack — filled with catchy tunes that pair exceedingly well with the thread of Celeste’s story. 

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