Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Rocket League

Who would have thought that an online multiplayer game meshing the adrenaline-inducing fun of rocket-strapped sports cars with the rush of a soccer game would produce such a quirky yet fun game?

The team at Psyonix certainly think so, with Rocket League providing ample fun and excitement for such a foreign gaming concept.

Rocket League

The magic of Rocket League lies with its blend of accessibility and mastery. The game is instantly fun and easy to pick up and play without ever feeling overmatched or bewildered. Though, more advanced techniques would require you to contribute more time and effort to master. 

The game’s reality-bending physics certainly isn’t for everyone, but the developers have definitely hit a sweet spot for many fans. And the reward system in Rocket League is unselfish, helping to prevent multiplayer matches from becoming a pile of metal, steel, and rubber above the ball.  

To surmise, fast, chaotic, and almost impossible to put down is what we’d describe Rocket League as. Or in other words, it is a game of soccer played by a legion of rocket-powered cars.

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