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MEGPlay is a gaming platform aiming to be the platform of choice for mobile gamers in the Southeast Asia region to connect with each other. It is a wondrous platform which promises a tight-knit community, exciting gaming-related news, and plenty of events.

But its most vital role by far is to function as a platform for like-minded mobile gaming enthusiasts to touch base with one another. 

A Platform For Mobile Gamers

Mobile gaming certainly has come a long way since the introduction of smartphones in our everyday lives and we carry our smartphones around everywhere we go today. We basically cannot fathom a life without our smart devices and because of this, mobile gaming has unsurprisingly become more accessible than ever before.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that the development of the mobile gaming market has skyrocketed recently with various high-end mobile gaming titles, idle-type games, and AR-related titles at the forefront of the mobile gaming industry. Finally, gone are the days of dominance of PCs/consoles/mobile consoles on the gaming market — these days, the mobile gaming niche is as profitable a market as any other.

Now, where does MEGPlay fit into this highly profitable puzzle? The answer is simple — communication and connection.

Unlike its industry peers, mobile gaming has had a long-standing problem of lacking an appropriate platform to connect players. Most players would resort to unofficial forums and social media platforms like Facebook to find new people to play with. Others leave everything up to the game’s matchmaking algorithm to match them with a teammate. But if you’re a connoisseur in team-based mobile games, you’d be aware that this isn’t always the ideal scenario.

This is where MEGPlay comes in.

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