Terrible Game-Based Movie Review: BloodRayne

Standing out from the majority fighting genre blockbusters that have graced our screens in the past, the BloodRayne franchise was certainly not immune to Hollywood’s beck and call. 

The hack-and-slash game featuring a femme fatale as the main playable character made its way onto the silver screens back in 2005, and in 2007, and in 2011. 

Long story short, it did not do well.

Nothing Is Immortal, Especially A Bad Movie Adaptation of A Video Game

Even the all-star cast from the first movie which included industry veterans like Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen, Michelle Rodriguez, and Billy Zane could not save this monstrosity of a film. And much like the film’s titular character, BloodRayne had its life sucked out of it by its director, Uwe Boll’s inability to utilise each cast member to their fullest potential.

Of course, a subpar script and an equally disappointing action sequence didn’t particularly help the cause. Add to this, the fact that Boll was already well-known for his terrible movie adaptations of video games — House of The Dead and the BloodRayne sequels (yes, there were sequels. Yes, plural.) come to mind — and you’ve got a truly bad movie on your hands.

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