Terrible Game-Based Movie Review: House of The Dead

Zombie and undead films are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. But take that up a notch and you’ll get the unholy matrimony of a zombie game and a Hollywood film — a combination which is a car wreck waiting to happen to be completely honest.

In this case, you should shine a light on the eccentric and enigmatic director extraordinaire, Uwe Boll who has produced some of the most panned Hollywood adaptations of video games in history.

And at the top of his directorial list is the House of The Dead

House of The Dead

For Mr Boll, House of the Dead was actually the first (of many) video game movie to be directed by the embolden filmmaker. And it is this particular movie that set off a chain reaction of similarly terrible video game film adaptations by the director himself down the line.

In all honesty, there isn’t much substance to talk about when it comes to House of The Dead. At its core, it’s a cheap, unimaginative zombie-killing fest with its roots based on the Sega classic zombie light gun game. Worst still, the movie managed to even remove any semblance of fun, tension, and enjoyment that were present in the games during its translation to the big screen. 

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