The Benefits Of Gaming

Like any other hobby, gaming has its fair share of doubters and supporters. In general, the gaming scene has been receiving flak from its opposition for years, in addition to being the scapegoat for real-world problems that have nothing to do with it such as instilling violent tendencies in children or damaging your eyes and rotting your brain.

Unsubstantiated myths, really. Gaming is merely an activity to pass the time, as similar to any other hobby. 

These days, the art of gaming has gained universal acceptance throughout the modern generation (though, naysayers are still there). In fact, the e-sports scene is now a big industry in its own right — that’s right, you can be an athlete by playing games. 

What a time we live in, eh?

Modern Day Gaming — Breeding Next Gen Athletes?

That said, here are the benefits of taking up gaming as a pastime. 

  • It Improves Your Eyesight: The key is moderation. Video games have been shown to improve (colour) vision. Along with that, gaming also trains you to have keener eyesight.
  • Build Your Social Skills: A lot of games today have a social aspect to their gameplay, which involves a lot of co-op features and challenges. You will need to flex your social muscles if you want to succeed here.
  • Improves Decision-Making: Gaming actually improves your mind by effectively retaining its sharpness and clarity — which result in faster real-world decision-making skills.
  • Reduce Mental Health Risks: Gaming also reduces the risk of depression, along with arthritis. And it can even be a therapeutic option for aphasia. Plus, gaming at the root of it, does make you happy overall.
  • You Can Make A Career Out of It: The gaming industry is thriving, which means career opportunities are aplenty. Game developer/tester, professional e-sports player, gaming journalist, gaming streamer, and so on are just some of the options available if you are keen on gaming as a career option.
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